‘The JN Auto Loan SureCover is a feature of the JN Auto Loan. This offer will allow Auto Loan clients to pay a single monthly payment which comprises loan installment and insurance premium.

Advantages of this offer:

  • A single monthly payment that includes both loan installment and insurance premium
  • Increased Liability Limits, Windscreen, Manslaughter Defense etc.
  • If you have an accident, it will not affect your premium over the loan period
  • Renewals are done automatically and your insurance certificate will be delivered to you.


  • Free JAA Membership
  • Up to 8 years to repay
  • Up to 100% financing

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Target Audience:

  • JN Members
  • Non Members
  • JNGI Clients & Prospects

Normal underwriting procedures for the Jn Auto Loan will apply.

The insurance premium is calculated taking into consideration the following:

  • Premium payable for the first year
  • The life of the loan
  • Age of the insured driver’s license
  • The Insured’s age
  • Depreciation of the vehicle
  • Inflation rate