Reverend Henry Clarke

Mr. Ernest Clark
The Reverend Henry Clarke, Founder of the Westmoreland Building Society (1874) Mr. Ernest Clarke, one of the founders and first Chairmen of the Manchester Mutual Building Society (1955)
The Rev. Josias Cork, Founder of the St. Ann Benefit Building Society (1874) John Gerrard Marchalleck, JP one of two persons who spearheaded the move from the St. Thomas Mutual Building Society, which had its first meeting on June 1, 1897.
John E. Kerr, Chairman, St. James Building Society from 1883 – 1903. The Society was founded in 1874 Rev. Edwin James Touzalin, J.P. Founder of the St. Mary’s Benefit Building Society in 1915.
J.H. Allwood. Solicitor and Founder of the Brown’s Town Benefit Building Society (1893)



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