Our Promise

Mission Statement

We are a mutual organization satisfying our members and customers with a competitive range of savings, mortgage loans, financial and other services, directly and through our subsidiaries.

Our Values

The success of the Jamaica National Building Society is dependent on a set of core values, which relates to our dealings with our customers, colleagues, members, suppliers, regulators and the communities that we serve.  We are committed to the highest ethical standards, integrity, respect for all and excellence in all we do.


We will provide innovative, high value products and services delivered in a courteous, swift, accurate and personalized manner that meet or exceed our customers’ needs.


We will create a safe working environment that fosters opportunities for meaningful, challenging and rewarding work, and the empowerment of all staff. We will encourage open communication and team work throughout the organization. We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer and to staff advancement and competitive compensation, which is based on consistently excellent performance.


We are committed to preserving capital, providing competitive returns and representing the interests of members. We will seek opportunities to provide services and benefits that are exclusive to our members and will encourage their participation in charting the direction of their building society.


We will honour our agreements and treat our suppliers fairly and will ensure that mutually rewarding relationships are fostered as we seek to obtain the best competitive advantage.


We will be a good corporate citizen, respected and admired as much for our integrity, insight and progressiveness, as for our financial success.  We will take an active interest in the communities in which we serve and will encourage our staff to do likewise.


We will know and comply with the letter and spirit of all relevant laws and regulations governing our operations in those countries in which we operate and keep the regulators informed about key issues relating to our business.

Our Guarantee

JNBS is guided by the principle of mutuality where our savers/members are the owners of the Society. The result is that mutual trust leads to mutual benefit. This means giving both our savers and borrowers competitive interest rates on savings and loans*.

Our goal is to encourage our members to save towards realizing their dreams. We are committed to being with you every step of the way, from home ownership, to education financing and retirement planning, as well as foreign exchange transactions and money transfers.

* In addition to JNBS’ internal security system, our customers’ funds are protected by the Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation (JDIC). The JDIC insures deposits in commercial banks, merchant banks, trust companies and building societies up to a specified amount. Your money is now even more secure, as deposit insurance protects savings accounts, certificates of deposit, money orders and building society shares. For more information contact any of our 29 locations.

Our Vision

We are the premier provider of financial and other services, not only in Jamaica, but with certain products internationally.  We are the institution of first choice against which other financial institutions in Jamaica are benchmarked. Our image of excellence, trustworthiness and high standards is clearly etched in our philosophy and values, and reflected in the treatment of members, customers and the community.   We have attained full mission, vision and goal congruence within JNBS and its subsidiaries.

We are an organization enabled by cutting-edge technology, which allows us to deliver superior products and excellent service quickly and efficiently resulting in true customer satisfaction.  Our products and services are delivered through all channels.

We have a working environment, which keeps staff happy and motivated.  All the members of our team are knowledgeable and well qualified.  Our staff members understand the JNBS philosophy and are committed to excellence in all areas of their work especially in the delivery of customer service.

We have established a clear understanding of the value of membership in the Society.  The many special benefits that accrue to our ever-expanding group of loyal members have validated the concept of mutuality.  We are well positioned to approach the future with confidence and continue to be vigorous participants in the development of Jamaica.

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