Barracks Roads Resident Warms up to Professional Photography


Barracks Roads Resident Warms up to Professional Photography

Marvin Bartley(right), instructor at the workshop explains the features of the camera to Antoinette Campbell who participated in a two-day intensive photographic workshop, organised by Social Calendar Jamaica, which was held recently(May 26 and 27), at the University of Technology Centre for the Arts.

Teenage mother, Antoinette Campbell, is determined to fight back despite adversity; and is convinced that her true calling in life is to become a professional photographer.

 She arrived at this decision after participating in one of the community photography camps of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation’s eight-year-old Resolution Project, formerly called Youth Zoom, in April.  Antoinette was exposed to basic photographic skills and advocacy in the programme.

 “She has an enormous heart and a strong work ethic,” said Saffrey Brown, General Manager of the JNBS Foundation, of the positive influence the camp had on the 18 year-old. “Since the Savanna-la-Mar Resolution Project, she has taken on the role of leader for the community’s camera club.”

 The Foundation was impressed with the progress that Antoinette made, and recommended her for a scholarship to participate in a two-day intensive photographic workshop, organised by Social Calendar Jamaica, which was held recently, May 26 and 27, at the University of Technology Centre for the Arts. 

 The single mother from Barracks Road in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland said the workshop was valuable exposure for her. “It was a really wonderful experience,” she stated.

 “I learned about shutter speeds, positioning your subject and many things I didn’t know about,” she said, “I intend to continue to do photography.”

 Antoinette says that she plans to return to school to do the Caribbean Examination Council subjects; however, in the interim, she wants to master the art of photography.

 “I would love to be given an opportunity to go back to school. I want to prove to my family that I can do it and to be in a position to provide for my son,” she said.

 Kashta Graham, Managing Director for Social Calendar JA said the organisation was happy to partner with the JNBS Foundation to sponsor Antoinette’s participation in the workshop, who she said was highly recommended based on her outstanding performance in the Savanna-la-Mar Resolution Project.

 “Through this partnership with the JNBS Foundation, Social Calendar JA welcomed the opportunity to give, particularly in terms of investment in our young people,” she said.

 Antoinette is the second recipient of such a scholarship. Last month, Michka Walters, a 19 year-old participant in the Granville Resolution Project, also received a chance to upgrade her photographic skills at the workshop. The Granville Resolution Project was held during August 2011 in the underserved community of Granville in St. James.

 Miss Brown said the exposure for Antoinette at the workshop will not only build her confidence in the art; but, will also inspire her to improve herself.

 The Resolution Project is an annual programme of the JNBS Foundation, which equips and trains youngsters in rural high schools in photography and advocacy, as tools to inspire positive change in their communities.

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