Jamaica National Transformation

Do you understand the transformation exercise being undertaken by your Society?

Learn how you will benefit even more from JN and understand how your membership will be preserved, as the largest fully Jamaican-owned financial institution positions itself for even more growth!


Will the new JN structure mean higher banking fees for me?

Will I still be able to access benefits across the JN Group?

Will I be able to still get mortgages from JN?

What are the new products and services that will be offered by the new JN commercial bank?

Will I be able to vote if I am overseas?

If my JN account is dormant, will I still be able to vote?

\How many times can I vote?

What is the voting process?

Do I have a say in whether JN becomes a bank and reorganises its Group?

Are there alternatives to reorganising the JN Group?

How long will it take for JN to reorganise?

How will the reorganisation of JNBS benefit me

How is JN’s reorganisation different from the process undertaken by other mutual organisations around the world, particularly in the United Kingdom?

What happens to my membership in JNBS when JN Group reorganises?

What will happen to my JNBS account when JNBS becomes a commercial bank?

What is the purpose of the reorganisation?

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