Come in and update your records, Leon Hamilton


Come in and update your records, Leon Hamilton

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In its on-going effort to comply with the requirements of the Regulators, the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) has embarked on a concerted programme to update its Members’ records, said Leon Hamilton, Chief Representative Officer Jamaica National UK Representative Office.

 “This include updating addresses, contact details, current identification, as well as the provision of references,” he explained noting that there are a number of categories of persons authorized to provide references; a requirement for all Members with accounts opened after August 2007 and for new accounts.

 He also noted that Members who may have had an account prior to August 2007, which are dormant, are required to have two reference forms provided in order to re-activate their accounts.

 The JNBS’ UK Chief Representative Officer said Where the Member has an account with JNBS prior to August 2007 which is in an active state, the references details are still required, however, this information can be given to the JNBS representative.  In all other cases, the reference forms need to be signed by the referee and a stamp affixed, where applicable (depending on the category of reference the member elects to use).

 “Members are urged to provide this information to Jamaica National as soon as possible to reduce delays when trying to process different transactions for which references are a requirement to proceed, “he urged. “These transactions include: replacement of lost passbooks (requiring closure and re-opening), reactivating dormant accounts and other transactions requiring the opening of a new account, such as taking funds from a fixed deposit account outside of the maturity period.”

 It is a requirement of the Bank of Jamaica that financial institutions have sufficient details to indicate that the Society knows its customers and also, importantly, from a service perspective, that it knows where its Members are and how to reach them to deliver service.

 “It is, therefore, very important that Members keep us informed of their addresses and full contact details.  The Society has been continuously using the opportunities in which we interface with Members to update records with current identification details, proof of current address and other information used in establishing the Member’s identity. This is also important for Members signing up for LIVE by JN (internet banking,) as there is a validation process for inputs against what is noted on record,” he added.

 Members are invited to visit the Representative Offices or Mobile Unit, call JNBS on 02077082442 or 08003280387 (toll free) or email, to obtain the relevant forms for updating records.

 “We ask all Members to join with us in our drive to update their details, comply with our regulators, which will ultimately help Jamaica National to deliver improved service to all Members,” said Mr. Hamilton.

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