JN Foundation Launches a New “App”


JN Foundation Launches a New “App”

Screenshot_2014-03-04-13-56-05jpgIn keeping with trending technological advancements, the Jamaica National Building Society Foundation has launched a JN Foundation ‘App’ to extend its data base, globally.

The brainchild of Saffrey Brown, General Manager of the JNBS Foundation, the ‘App’ was born out of the organisation’s intention to make its information available to users in innovative and interesting ways.

“We are always looking for cutting edge ways to communicate with our partners and volunteers; and, therefore, this is a novel way to stay connected,” Miss Brown noted.

Since its launch on February 9, 2014, the JNFoundation ‘App’ has received a high level of downloads from users around the world, as far away as China; and it has been growing in recognition locally, especially among young people.

“We recently held an orientation exercise for our newly recruited Act!on Jamaica volunteers; and they discussed improved accessibility to information about the Foundation to facilitate their on-going involvement.  They wanted to keep abreast, and we thought that an ‘App’ would respond to their needs,” Miss Brown explained.

Regarded as a central platform for JN Foundation activities, the ‘App’ also features information about subsidiary companies of Jamaica National; and provides access to local news.

She said that the objective is to make this ‘App’ informative and resourceful.  Therefore, it offers a unique resource for users, providing instant updates about upcoming activities, photos from JN Foundation events,  which are also linked to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  And, users can also sign up by way of this ‘App’ to become a Foundation volunteer and participate in an incredible information loop.

“We will continue to improve the data base for this ‘App’, given the level of feedback from users,” Miss Brown says, “as we intend to make this application one of the most sophisticated ‘Apps’ of its kind.”

The JN Foundation ‘App’ can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

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