JN General Insurance Company Limited (JNGI)


JN General Insurance Company Limited (JNGI)

Frequently Asked Questions re: The Company’s Name Change

With the new name, is my policy still valid?

Yes, your policy remains valid and nothing will change. At renewal, your policy will reflect the new name “JN General Insurance Company Limited”.

Are you going to make changes to my policy?

No. The terms of your policy will remain the same.

Why is NEM changing its name?

On April 19, 2000, NEM Insurance Company (Ja.) Limited became a subsidiary of Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS). The decision has been made to align the insurance company’s name and operations with its parent company. This name change will identify JNGI as one of the brands in the JN Group portfolio. This will enable JNGI to develop greater synergies within the Group; and to benefit from the ‘JN brand’ recognition in the marketplace.

What is the Jamaica National Building Society?

The Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) is one of the largest building societies in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The Society offers its members a wide range of financial services and home loan products in Jamaica, the United States of America (USA), Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) and The Cayman Islands.  In addition to NEM Insurance Company (Jamaica) Limited which has now been re-branded JN General Insurance Company Limited, the organization operates several subsidiary companies, which include: JN Small Business Loans Limited; JN Fund Managers Limited; JN Finance Limited; JN Money Services Limited; Management Control Systems Limited; Manufacturers Credit & Information Services Limited; The National Building Society of Cayman; the Jamaica Automobile Association (Services) Limited; and The Creative Unit Limited;

Why does this name change seem very sudden?

This name change is far from being sudden. We have been making plans for the change for quite some time now and we believe that the timing is right after careful consideration of the interests of customers, staff, the company and organisations with which the company is associated.

But, I prefer your old name…

Not everyone will like a new name at first…just imagine the initial response if you changed your own name! But we are confident that most people will quickly accept our new name and focus on the quality of the service we continue to offer. How we serve you is what is most important to us.

Isn’t this name change very unusual?

No, many companies have changed their names. For example, in recent times, Life of Jamaica (LOJ) was rebranded as Sagicor Life of Jamaica in 2007. And, in that same year, United General Insurance (UGI) became Advantage General Insurance (AGI). Cable & Wireless Jamaica became LIME in 2008; and earlier this year, RBTT Bank Jamaica changed its name to RBC Royal Bank (Jamaica) Limited.                                                       

Does the name change represent a shift in approach by the company to its customers?

In fact, the name change is in recognition of the fact that we are planning to provide you with better service. We recently introduced a Mobile Claims Response Service for customers who are involved in motor vehicle accidents; as well as, our Mobile Catastrophe Response Service for homeowners. This follows the remodeling of our headquarters in downtown Kingston to provide a better environment for both customers and employees. We also restructured our operations and increased back office efficiencies, to improve response time to customers as well as, better overall service levels.

Does the change reflect a shift in the company towards its established insurance principles?

Nothing will change in that regard.  Our Value Proposition remains one of providing our customers with Peace of Mind, Reliability in uncertain times, a strong personal relationship and a financially strong company, supported by A-rated international reinsurers who share the same philosophy of speedy and equitable claims settlement. We are also backed by our parent company Jamaica National Society (JNBS).

Will the company’s website address change?

Yes, as of May 1, 2012, JN General Insurance Company Limited’s website address will change from http://www.nemjam.com/ to http://www.jngijamaica.com.

 Will the company change its e-mail address?

As of May 1, 2012, JN General Insurance Company Limited’s e-mail address will change from info@nemjam.com to info@jngijamaica.com.

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  • Marjorie

    I like the new name and think it’s a good idea to re-brand.