JNBS Foundation Awards Scholarship to UWI Nursing Student


JNBS Foundation Awards Scholarship to UWI Nursing Student

Saffrey Brown (left), General Manager of the Jamaica National Building Society Foundation presents the scholarship cheque to Michael Williams, Acting Director of The University of the West Indies, Western Campus at the opening ceremony of JN Financial Services, at Catherine Hall, in St. James, last Wednesday, February 29. Sharing in the moment is Aneika Rowe.

Aneika Rowe, a 21-year-old, final year nursing student at The University of the West Indies, Western Campus, was awarded a scholarship by the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation.

Saffrey Brown, General Manager of the JNBS Foundation, who presented the scholarship at the opening ceremony of JN Financial Services, at Catherine Hall, in St. James, last Wednesday, February 29, said that Ms. Rowe, who lives in Norwood, St. James, was selected based on her outstanding academic performance of a 3.35 Grade Point Average (GPA), with the highest attainable GPA level being 4.0.

“By empowering young people, such as Aneika who recognises the value of an education, we are fostering self-reliance among those who will, in-turn, contribute positively to our society,” Ms. Brown stated.

“I feel blessed,” a thrilled Miss Rowe declared, noting that, “I am in my final year, and I need to pay my school fees, so that I can complete my studies.”

The UWI student pointed out that she wanted to “set a good example for others to follow.” She described herself as being “self-motivated and determined to do well.” She also revealed that she was inspired to become a nurse to care for the sick, as one way of “giving back to the society.”

Miss Brown explained that the scholarship was a special bursary, to commemorate the opening of Jamaica National’s new location in St. James.  The JNBS Foundation also unveiled some of its Resolution Project photographs at the opening ceremony, and these will continue to be displayed at JN Financial Services.

JN Financial Services is an all-inclusive entity, which includes a Regional Mortgage Centre, state-of-the-art Express Service Centre with ATM and Drop Boxes; as well as, Teller Stations and customer service desks; along with the investment and insurance services of JN subsidiaries, JN Fund Managers Limited and NEM Insurance Company (Ja.) Limited.

“The scholarship seeks to assist a final year student who needs financial assistance,” Miss Brown further explained, noting that the Foundation’s mandate is to “bring about real and sustainable change in rural and underserved communities.”

The JN Foundation, the charitable arm of the JNBS, which was established in 1990, has created life-changing opportunities for many persons in rural parishes through initiatives, such as the Resolution Project, which trains and equips high school students in the art of photography and advocacy; and, the Jamaica Partnership for Education, which is working to eradicate illiteracy in primary schools.  The Foundation also established ‘The Source,’ a chain of community resource centres that are information and service hubs in some six underserved communities across the island.

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