JNBS Reaches out to Mt. Ward Past Students Association


JNBS Reaches out to Mt. Ward Past Students Association

Vice- President of the Mt. Ward Past Student Association Mervin Witter, (1st right) and other members of the Association’s Executive, following their meeting in Brampton with Harrington Stephenson, Operations Manager of JNBS Representative Office in Canada (fourth from right).

Representatives of  Jamaica National travelled to Brampton, outside of Toronto, to meet with executive members of the Mt. Ward Past Student Association; and to brief them about the unique product offerings of JNBS.

The past students of Mt. Ward Primary School, which is located in Ramble, Hanover in Jamaica, welcomed the presentation about the Society’s savings and mortgage products; and were particularly interested in the interest rates.

 “The presentation generated intense interest, with a special focus on the Vacation Account,” he noted, adding that the Mt. Ward Past Students Association community outreach will be part of an ongoing effort by the JNBS Canada Representative Office to inform more Jamaicans in the Canadian Diaspora about the Society’s products and services.

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