LIVE by JN Registration Process made easier


LIVE by JN Registration Process made easier

Marlon Smith (left), JN Member Service Representative at the Half-Way-Tree Branch assists JN Member Hilmeta Williams with ‘in-branch’ registration for the JNBS internet banking portal, LIVE by JN.

Members of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) will now find it easier to register to use the Society’s internet banking portal, LIVE by JN, as new registrations will be facilitated at all branches, with the assistance of Member Service Representatives (MSRs).

“Members get immediate approval and quicker access to their account information online,” stated Emile Spence, Business Development and Research Executive at JNBS. “This improvement results from the capture of the most accurate information from our members.”

The development comes as usage of the banking portal more than tripled during 2011. Mr. Spence explained that, “this is a major success for our efforts to encourage members to use alternate transaction channels such as LIVE by JN and ATM’s, to conduct business and manage their funds electronically.”

He pointed out that the enhancement came as a result of research, which showed that more than half of application rejections during the LIVE by JN registration process were due to inconsistencies between the existing information on the record of the applicant, and the information the Member provided for the LIVE by JN online application.

“We have now simplified the process to reduce rejections and to ensure that we capture all the information needed, while the member is ‘in branch’,” he added.

Members may also register online for LIVE by JN by visiting our website at .There is an instruction manual on-line that will take you through the steps of getting registered.

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