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We provide the most convenient way for JN Members and the wider community to monitor and control automobile expenses.

We are the number one provider of fleet and vehicle management services in the Caribbean, Central and South America.


A card in every car.

Executive Summary
Manufacturers Credit & Information Services Limited (MCIS) is the largest provider of vehicle expense management services in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, and is the only company offering that service in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Its associated brands are ADVANCE, FleetCard and NCS FleetCard.

During the financial year, MCIS upgraded its software infrastructure, improved its web portal and introduced network wireless point-of-sale equipment, which has been increasingly used by merchants. The company achieved a 98% target for the number of vendors who receive their bank account payments electronically, thus reducing the need for cheques. This has led to improved efficiency and increased savings. MCIS also successfully renewed its Government of Jamaica service contract, which was tendered during the period.

The subsidiary has increased the number of vehicles under management, notwithstanding the reduction in size of many fleets. Despite the challenging economic climate, the company’s financial performance at the end of the year reflected sales of $117.4 Million compared to $103.1 Million in the previous year. Operating expenses increased marginally from $84.9 Million to $86.9 Million for the previous year. MCIS ended the financial year with an overall profit performance of $43 Million, an increase from the $33.6 Million earned in the previous year.

MCIS plans to expand its operations in the Caribbean region in the current financial year. It will also launch its new website, which is expected to drive business and improve its online customer base.

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