NEM Launches New Accident and Emergency Services


NEM Launches New Accident and Emergency Services

Since the September launch of the Mobile Claim Response Service and Mobile Catastrophe Response Service by NEM Insurance Company (Ja.) Limited, supported by the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA), many customers are benefittingfrom these fast track initiatives.

Andrea Gordon-Martin, Assistant General Manager-Operations, said the new motor vehicle and home related services provides assistance when and where there is greatest need, in terms of practical help, and completing the required insurance procedures.

“In terms of the Mobile Claim Response Service, customersinvolved in a motor vehicle accident simply need to contact us, whether directly or through their intermediaries,” she stated, “and arrangements will be made for a Response Team to go to them, at any time and place that is convenient to them, whether at the scene of the accident or elsewhere.”

“Our Response Team will assist with completing accident reports and compiling their particulars,” she outlined. This is anextension of the current NEM Accident Response Service, which remains in effect and is available to all motorists insuredwith the company.

“In respect of home owners, our Mobile Catastrophe Response Service is targeted to our homeowner policyholders,” Mrs. Gordon-Martin said. In the event of a catastrophe, NEM’s goal is to contact its residential customers, as soon as possible, to ascertain the extent to which their home may have been affected.

NEM will dispatch its Mobile Catastrophe Response Team to deliver essential supplies to affected persons and to get a first hand view of the situation. “Our main objective is to respond to our customers’ needs as quickly as possible.”

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