Requirements for opening an account

General requirements for opening an account with us.

  • Full registered name and name(s) used (i.e. first, middle and last name)
  • Date, place of birth and nationality
  • Applicant’s current and previous addresses, including postal code
  • Proof of your address (utility bill, receipt or other bills).
  • Telephone number(s) – (home, work and mobile)
  • Current and  valid identification
  • Tax payer Registration Number (TRN) OR Jamaican Driver’s licence bearing this number OR its overseas equivalent (Social Security Number (SSN) US Resident, Social Insurance Number (SIN) – Canadian Resident), National Insurance Number (NIN) – UK Resident
  • Occupation and name of employer (if self-employed, the nature of the self employment)
  • Two (2) references
  • The minimum amount of J$2,500.00 required, depending on the account you wish to open
  • Source of funds

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